Market prices of shapes in Kanto rise 1 thou yen/ Manufacturers' price increases to be passed on/ Projects of small, medium buildings sluggish (Sep/25/2020)
Domestic crude steel production declines for 6th consecutive month/ In Aug, by 20% to 6,446 thou tons/ Up 7% month-on-month per day (Sep/25/2020)
Distribution group at hearings by METI/ JSPSIG, 'Sluggish demand, concerned about worsening profitability' (Sep/25/2020)
JFE Metal Products & Engineering/ Steel dam for small streams/ "Steel pipe pile foundation type" newly/ Collaboration with Sansei, applying to rotary piles, too (Sep/25/2020)
Sinfonia Technology/ To develop vibrator "condition monitor"/ To be commercialised next FY/ To contribute to preventive maintenance of ironworks (Sep/25/2020)
Nippon Seisen/ Prices of stainless-steel wires For Oct contracts/ To raise for Ni type by 20 thou yen, not to change for Cr type (Sep/25/2020)
Market prices of low-carbon wire rods likely to rise/ Due to rising materials prices, supported by start of demand season (Sep/24/2020)
Nippon Steel Stainless Steel/ Domestic prices of wire rods for Sep-Nov contracts/ To raise 20 thou for Ni type/ Not to change for Cr type (Sep/24/2020)
Distribution groups at hearings by METI/ Steel Product Dealers Association, Coil Center Industry Association, 'Autumn demand little expected due to Covid-19 crisis' (Sep/24/2020)
Kobe Steel to raise sheet prices/ For domestic building materials, store sales/ Due to rising costs, by 5 thou yen or more for shipments from Oct (Sep/24/2020)

Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers' Association/ Revises down forecast on demands for electric copper wires for this FY/ To lowest in 50 years/ By 10% to 619 thou tons affected by Covid-19 (Sep/25/2020)
NJT Copper Tube/ To raise prices of STC steel pipes/ 2-, 4-fold for shipments from Oct (Sep/25/2020)
Global supply/demand of copper in Jan-Jun/ Supplies fall short of 235 thou tons/ China restores consumption rapidly/ Compiled by ICSG (Sep/24/2020)
Furukawa Automotive Systems/ To product line-up of in-vehicle aluminium electric cables/ To further roll out thinly coated products (Sep/24/2020)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ To build new plant for car harnesses/ Obtains 20 hectares of site in Philippines (Sep/23/2020)
President Yoshida of Kandenpan at conference/ 'Focusing on resolving delivery issue'/ Demand for construction affected by Covid-19 (Sep/23/2020)
Copper wire shipments/ In Aug, decline 16% to 446 thou tons/ Below year-on-year except for communications (Sep/18/2020)
Mitsubishi Materials to reduce lead quotation by 6 thou yen/ Mitsui Mining & Smelting to raise zinc quotation by 3 thou yen (Sep/18/2020)
LME zinc prices in 2nd half of FY 2020/ To remain within 2,000-2,400 dollars/ High prices likely to continue as demand to recover/ Forecast by Mitsui Mining & Smelting (Sep/17/2020)
Next-generation motor core parts/ Sumitomo Electric Industries enters business/ Powder metallurgy contributes smaller size, higher efficiency (Sep/17/2020)

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