Tokyo Steel to raise steel product sales prices for Oct/ For 2nd straight month/ Across the board by 3 thou yen/ Due to tight supply/demand, to correct gap between domestic and foreign prices (Sep/20/2017)
Daido Steel to raise tool steel prices/ By 5-20% for deliveries from Nov (Sep/20/2017)
Ferrous scrap purchase prices/ By electric furnace mfrs in Kansai rise by 500-1,000 yen (Sep/20/2017)
Steel product market in China/ Expected to stop rising/ Fired Benxi to recover early (Sep/20/2017)
Cutlength sheets for store sales in Kansai/ Ldg CCs to raise prices by 3 thou yen in Oct (Sep/20/2017)
Order received for ordinary steel products in Jul/ Increases slightly 1st in 6 mos/ Thanks to strong domestic demand (Sep/20/2017)
Ferrous scrap export bid in Kansai/ Successful bid of 5 thou tons at 32,280 yen/ Higher than local electric furnace mfrs' buying prices (Sep/19/2017)
Tokyo Steel/ To raise ferrous scrap purchase prices/ By 500 or 1,000 yen except at Utsunomiya (Sep/19/2017)
Tohoku D-Bar Steel/ To raise sales prices of deformed bars to 3 thou yen/ For October (Sep/19/2017)
METI/ Requests contractors / To improve subcontracting transactions for steel products, electric wires/ To send PIC to MLIT workshops (Sep/19/2017)

JX Nippon Coil Center/ To move Kawasaki office/ To ensure room for enhancement, to reinforce supply system (Sep/20/2017)
Oki Electric Cable/ To sell new-type robot cable/ Improved torsion durability (Sep/20/2017)
Mitsubishi Aluminum/ To tie up European Granges in North America/ Considers JV for plates for automotive heat exchangers (Sep/19/2017)
Furukawa Techno Material/ To add melting furnace for NT alloy/ For more stable supply of wires, pipes (Sep/19/2017)
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube/ Domestic sales for 2nd half year, highest level in 4 yrs/ Strong for air conditioners, Hatano Plant continues full-scale operation (Sep/15/2017)
Furukawa Techno Material/ To increase production of NT alloy products by 10% in FY 2017/ To expand medical-related sales at home and abroad (Sep/15/2017)
Marukyu, Okishin Senpaku Kogyo/ Fitting of aluminum, stainless steel/ Receive patent for improved method, to expand sales for shipbuilding (Sep/14/2017)
Furukawa Electric/ To strengthen optical fiber business/ To inject 16.5 bln yen, to double capacities in Europe, USA (Sep/14/2017)
UACJ Extrusion/ Tubular material for automotive heat exchangers/ To enhance 2 sites in Thailand (Sep/13/2017)
Chinese magnesium prices plunging/ By 200-300 dollars, plants that shut off production resume operation one after another (Sep/13/2017)

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