NSSMC to own Sanyo Special Steel as subsidiary/ 3-party cooperation with European Ovako/ To strengthen specialty steel business globally (Mar/16/2018)
NSSMC to acquire Ovako/ Largest mfrs of special steel in Europe, for tens of billions of yen (Mar/16/2018)
Sinwa constructs new factory in Shiga/ Begins to process corrosion-protected pipes also in western Japan/ To strengthen delivery, to develop new customers (Mar/16/2018)
Hearing by METI/ "Demand to remain steady"/ Actual conditions reported by JCCIA, JSPSIG (Mar/16/2018)
Urayasu Steel Industrial Park's survey of business sentiment in Feb/ "Profits unchanged" account for over half (Mar/16/2018)
JFE Techno-Research/ To assist development of all-solid-state battery/ New service for mfrs, to analyze performance using microscope (Mar/16/2018)
Kyoei Steel to raise sales prices of rebars/ By 3 thou yen for Apr/ Due to costs to surge, to restore profitability (Mar/15/2018)
2018 spring offensive, all steelmakers respond/ Blast furnace mfrs to increase basic wages 1,500 yen each for fiscal 2018, 19 (Mar/15/2018)
China's crude steel production shows upturn/ Surges to 2,319 thou tons per day in Jan-Feb (Mar/15/2018)
Tosyali Holding, Turkish electric furnace mfr/ To build 2nd domestic electric furnace/ To start operation end of next year, to produce wire rods (Mar/15/2018)

UACJ Extrusion (Thailand)/ Commissions state-of-the-art extruder to start mass production in May (Mar/16/2018)
Nikkei MC Aluminum (Thailand)/ Increases sales for FY 2017 30% to 52 thou tons/ Strong demand, smoothly starts new factory (Mar/16/2018)
Ldg nonferrous smelting mfrs' spring negotiations/ Sumitomo Metal Mining responds by full wage of 3,500 yen/ Dowa Holdings responds by 1,000 yen (Mar/15/2018)
For Apr-Jun shipment/ Negotiations on Japan premiums for new aluminum ingot/ Highly likely to be settled at 25% increase of 129 dollars (Mar/15/2018)
Global supply/demand of new aluminum ingot for 2018/ Supply falls short of 194 thou tons/ Forecast by Sumitomo Corp (Mar/14/2018)
Shinwa Aluminium jointly develops/ Aluminum hot stamping technology/ Much shorter processing time, proposal as car material (Mar/14/2018)
Shinwa Aluminium/ Abrasive garnet for WJ cutting/ Establishes recycling technology/ reducing costs, environmentally responsive, proposed to peers (Mar/13/2018)
LIXIL/ To absorb subsidiary for photovoltaic mounts/ To strengthen industrial aluminum products (Mar/13/2018)
PGM project in S Africa/ Hanwa to take some interests/ To begin negotiations with JOGMEC (Mar/12/2018)
Shinsho/ Wholly owns Nakayama Corp/ Closer cooperation in sales of nonferrous raw materials, processed products (Mar/12/2018)

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