Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs/ Fall back by 500 yen in Kanto/ 1st in 3 months, due to Tokyo Steel's price cut/ Widely anticipated to fall (Jan/28/2020)
New coronavirus/ China extends New Year's holidays, likely to influence market/ Wuhan "sealed" damages representatives (Jan/28/2020)
Kyoei Steel not to change/ Sales prices of deformed bars for Feb (Jan/28/2020)
Indian JSW Steel's Dolby Works/ Delays completion of new blast furnace, hot-rolling mill/ For up to half a year due to monsoon (Jan/28/2020)
Osaka Steel not to change/ Prices of general shapes for Feb contracts (Jan/28/2020)
Can makers/ begin full-fledged negotiations to increase can prices/ To cope with increasing costs mainly for steel products (Jan/28/2020)
Manganese ore prices to bottom out/ Offer prices raised for Feb shipments/ To over 10% 1st in 1 year (Jan/27/2020)
Metal One's management reshuffle in 1 Apr/ Asano (Sojitsu) as representative vice-president/ Fuijiwara, Ogawa, Miyamoto to be newly appointed (Jan/27/2020)
Korean POSCO/ To refurbish Gwangyang #3 blast furnace/ In about 2 months from end-Feb/ #4 hot-rolling mill, too (Jan/27/2020)
Mitsui High-tec/ To increase production of in-vehicle motor cores in FY 2019/ 30% to supplies for 2.7 million cars/ New Gifu plant begins actual operation (Jan/27/2020)

Global aluminium production in 2019/ Drops in 10 years due to decrease in China (Jan/28/2020)
LIXIL Group/ To dissolve holding company system/ Considers merger of core business company (Jan/28/2020)
YKK AP/ To foster exterior workers/ Opens training facility in Saitama (Jan/27/2020)
YKK AP/ Aims to increase sales of exterior products/ By 70% in 5 years (Jan/27/2020)
Furukawa Techno Material/ New factory for nickel-titanium alloy/ To enhance capacity for medical apparatus (Jan/24/2020)
Chairman Ono of JMIA/ 'Expects demand to become vigorous for 5G' (Jan/24/2020)
LME zinc prices in FY 2020/ 2,300 dollars on yearly average, to drop gradually as supply for demand to loosen/ Forecast by Mitsui Mining & Smelting (Jan/23/2020)
Hakudo/ To take stake in non-ferrous distributor in Vietnam/ To assist sales of aluminium products (Jan/23/2020)
Global supply/demand of copper ingot in Jan-Oct/ Undersupply increases to 440 thou tons (Jan/22/2020)
UI Denshi/ Develops all-aluminium conductive material/ Highly corrosion resistant with lighter weight (Jan/22/2020)

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