Nakayama Steel Products/ To strengthen rebar processing business/ To build new yard for lean manufacturing (Jul/01/2016)
Overseas businesses of blast furnace mfrs, trading firms/ Improved remarkably in Southeast Asia/ Strong also in China due to boom in Jpn cars (Jul/01/2016)
NSSMC/ Independently developed titanium building material/ Proven not to discolor 15 yrs/ To give impetus to spread (Jul/01/2016)
Domestic inventories of ordinary steel products/ High level also end-May at 5,688 thou tons (Jul/01/2016)
DBJ's Environment Ratings/ NSSMC ranks highest/ Valued by contribution to recycling-based society (Jul/01/2016)
Tohsen/ Consolidates sales sites in Fukushima and elsewhere/ To rename Niigata factory to Niigata Processing Center (Jul/01/2016)
India's MIP system/ To expire in about 1 month/ SG to raise tariff on hot rolled plates/ Jpn steel industry eyes how to move (Jun/30/2016)
Taihei Kozai to build new factory/ On site of former parking lot of JFE Bars & Shapes in Himeji/ To consolidate head office, Bessho factory/ To enhance stainless steel inventories/ To improve sales efficiency, to invest 1.5 bn yen in total (Jun/30/2016)
Imports of ordinary steel products/ This FY, same level as last year at about 4900 thou tons/ Likely to decline depending on domestic demand trend/ Increase in May from prev month to over 350 thou tons (Jun/30/2016)
Suntory Premium Malt's/ Enjoying party by NSSMC Tinplate Sales Dep't/ Planned to mark sales of steel cans for public (Jun/30/2016)

SEI/ To cooperate with Myanmar firm/ To expand sales of medium-, low-voltage cables for infrastructures (Jul/01/2016)
Aluminum alloy production in May/ Increases for 3rd straight month to 60 thou tons (Jul/01/2016)
New aluminum ingot for Jul-Sep quarter/ Negotiations settled on Japan premiums/ Lowest since Lehman to 90 dollars (Jun/30/2016)
LME nonferrous metals prices rise across the board/ To stratosphere 1st in 2 months for copper (Jun/30/2016)
Production of rolled aluminum products in May/ Increases 1st in 3 months to 170 thou tons (Jun/29/2016)
LME nonferrous markets drop further except for copper/ To lowest in 2 weeks for aluminum (Jun/29/2016)
Copper scrap market prices in Kanto/ Lowest in 6 months due to steep drop in copper prices (Jun/28/2016)
LME nonferrous metals prices/ Drop across the board following Brexit/ Mitsubishi Materials reduces lead quotation by 7,000 yen (Jun/28/2016)
Yamazaki Kinzoku Sangyo/ To strengthen sales to increase orders received for car materials/ Aims at sales of 34 bn yen for this FY (Jun/27/2016)
NGK Insulators/ 2 non-beryllium copper products/ To start test run of mass-production equipment (Jun/27/2016)

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