BHP, Itochu, Mitsui & Co/ To invest 37 bln yen developing iron mine/ To start shipment from Western Australia in 2021 (Jun/18/2018)
Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs/ Drop by 500 yen in Kanto (Jun/18/2018)
Tokyo Steel reduces/ Ferrous scrap purchase prices further by 500 yen in Utsunomiya (Jun/18/2018)
Showa Steel Tube/ To refurbish drawbench to further process elongated products/ To invest 500 mil yen/ To add test equipment, to expand warehouse (Jun/18/2018)
Chuo Kozai/ Adds combined machine for shapes/ To No. 2 factory at steel frame division/ To quicken delivery by internal processing (Jun/18/2018)
Akiyama Seiko/ Develops new stainless steel bright steel bar/ Improving toughness, corrosion resistance, workability (Jun/18/2018)
China's crude steel production in May/ Over 80 mil tons 1st time/ Absorbed by domestic demand but concern about future (Jun/15/2018)
Ferrous scrap market prices/ More bearish in Kanto/ Some dropped in North Kanto (Jun/15/2018)
Tokyo Steel/ Reduces ferrous scrap purchase prices/ By 500 yen at Utsunomiya but for new cuts (Jun/15/2018)
Patent survey/ 'Ranking of power for curbing other companies'/ SEI ranks 1st, NSSMC ranks 2nd/ Compiled by Patent Result (Jun/15/2018)

NEDO/ To start next-generation battery project/ For EV, develops technology by all Japan (Jun/18/2018)
Kosei Aluminum, mfrs of car wheels/ MOU for feasibility study with Saudi firm (Jun/18/2018)
Natural Resources and Fuel Committee/ Discusses mid-long term policy/ To promote developing seafloor hydrothermal deposits (Jun/15/2018)
Topre, leading mfr of auto parts/ To begin aluminum forming in USA, to refurbish press machine in Alabama plant (Jun/15/2018)
Aluminum plates, store sales market settled down/ As sluggish for organic EL manufacturing equipment (Jun/14/2018)
LME copper prices to drop further/ Concern eased about supply from mine in Chile (Jun/14/2018)
NEDO prototypes railroad car structure made of magnesium alloy/ Gathering technologies of nonferrous mfrs (Jun/13/2018)
Shinyo Kinzoku Industry, mfr of copper joints/ Proposes overseas products for merchant ships/ To satisfy cost-oriented need (Jun/13/2018)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ Receives order for high-voltage cables in Cambodia/ To produce 20 km at domestic plant (Jun/12/2018)
JOGMEC/ Joint exploration for zinc/lead in Australia/ Able to acquire up to 70% interests (Jun/12/2018)

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