China's crude steel production in Dec/ Lowest in 5 mos per day/ 2,168 thou tons/ Maybe declines due to environmental regulation (Jan/23/2017)
Tokyo Steel's results for prev Apr-Dec/ Decreases ordinary profit to 8.8 bn yen/ Decline in sales prices reduces spread (Jan/23/2017)
JISF Chairman Shindo/ Steel product demand for this FY/ "Strong at home and abroad"/ "Market to also remain steady" (Jan/23/2017)
Steel product markets overseas strong as China reduces production/ Not linked with falling prices of coking coal (Jan/23/2017)
Sanyo Metal Industries closes Kyushu plant/ Consolidated into HQ plant/ Manufacturing bright steel bars (Jan/23/2017)
New Eiji, plate fusion processor/ Strengthens integrated processing of construction machine parts/ Starts full-scale operations of circular sawing machine, lathe (Jan/23/2017)
US AK Steel/ Superhigh tensile steel with over 1 GPa/ To ship samples for cars/ From April/ Interview with VP Peterson (Jan/20/2017)
Prices of imported steel products rise across the board/ Incl sheets, by 20 thou yen in total from last spring/ POSCO, CSC raise sales prices for Japan (Jan/20/2017)
Motor cores using electrical sheets/ Rising attention to adhesive lamination method/ Kuroda Precision Industries breaks ground for cars/ Mitsui High-tec develops technology/ Meeting higher efficiency, reduced thickness (Jan/20/2017)
ISIJ honors contributors/ G. Watanabe Medal to Hiroya Kawasaki, president/chairman of Kobe Steel (Jan/20/2017)

Electric wire shipments in 2016/ Fell below 700 thou tons 1st in 4 yrs, sales decline for construction and building (Jan/23/2017)
Sumitomo Wiring Systems/ To open on-site day-care centers in 2 plants/ To meet diversified ways of working (Jan/23/2017)
GS Yuasa/ New plant in Tianjin, China/ To invest 17.5 bn yen in doubling capacity for car batteries (Jan/20/2017)
Yamato Gokin/ Aims at sales of 5 bn yen for FY 2017/ To expand sales for aircraft in Europe (Jan/20/2017)
Fujii Seisakusho/ Aims to increase production of phosphor bronze, nickel silver bars/wires by 30% this FY/ To expand sales for seismic building components (Jan/19/2017)
Hitachi Metals/ To absorb subsidiary's business of casting copper wires/ To strengthen electric wire manufacturing capability (Jan/19/2017)
KOK/ To increase production of aluminum extrusions/ In FY 2016 by 20% to 7,500 tons (Jan/18/2017)
JX Nippon Mining & Metals/ Copper processing subsidiary in China/ To transfer some equities to ldg wire firm in China to go under umbrella (Jan/18/2017)
Furukawa Battery/ Lead battery for cycles/ To be employed for wind generators in Thailand (Jan/17/2017)
Fuji Metal Industries to reduce prices of antifriction alloy/ By up to 40 yen for late Jan shipments (Jan/17/2017)

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