NSSMC forecasts to decrease ordinary profits/ By 35% to 130 bn yen for full year/ Due to sluggish sales prices, worsening product configuration/ Declares deficits of 12 bn yen for Apr-Jun (Jul/29/2016)
Results for Apr-Jun quarter/ Hitachi Metals decreases adjusted operating profits/ By 18% to 16.3 bn yen/ Declines in sales, operation (Jul/29/2016)
Results for Apr-Jun quarter/ NSSC/ Increases ordinary profits by 60% to 1.9 bn yen/ Improves margin, reduces cost (Jul/29/2016)
Chinese Baosteel not to change domestic sales prices of tinplate for September/ From prev month (Jul/29/2016)
Pier inventories of imported steel products end-June/ Decline for 2nd straight months to 137 thou tons/ Survey by Hanwa (Jul/29/2016)
Steel scrap market prices in Kanto/ Rise further toward high price, supply/demand tightening (Jul/29/2016)
US leading steelmakers/ Improve performances thanks to trade actions/ In Apr-Jun, blast furnace mfrs still in difficulties (Jul/28/2016)
Chinese steel industry increases profits for Jan-Jun/ By 80% year-on-year/ But slows down profit increase (Jul/28/2016)
Chairman Iijima of Small Bar Conference, "Cautious production required"/ Increase in inventories end-May is "concern" (Jul/28/2016)
JFE Steel, JFE Civil Engineering & Construction/ Develop new buckling-restrained brace/ Smaller diameter brings high designability (Jul/28/2016)

Mitsubishi Materials/ Sputtering targets/ Sets up Mass Production Technology Center (Jul/29/2016)
Furukawa Electric/ 1st delivery of aluminum branch cables/ Lighter weight improves workability (Jul/29/2016)
Okouchi Metal/ Full-scale operation of Gifu factory/ To expand sales of aluminum plates for aircraft (Jul/28/2016)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ New tool for aluminum cutting/ To improve processing accuracy (Jul/28/2016)
Global supply/demand of nickel for 2016/ Supply falls short of 47 thou tons/ Forecast by Sumitomo Metal Mining (Jul/27/2016)
Furukawa Electric/ Receives major order for supertension cable/ 14 bn yen in Singapore (Jul/27/2016)
UACJ/ Starts electron beam welding in Korea/ Available mainly for LCD mfg equipment (Jul/26/2016)
Showa Cable System/ Obtains US standard for communication cable/ To be able to export for plant equipment (Jul/26/2016)
2ndary alloy mfrs/ Increase aluminum scrap buying prices/ Late July shipment by 3 yen for high-grade (Jul/25/2016)
Dowa Group's Meltec/ To enhance melting furnace, to increase capacity 30% (Jul/25/2016)

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