Chairman Sato of Small Bar Conference, "Necessary to watch demand trend"/ 8th straight month of decline in construction starts of RC structures, "Unfavorable indicator" (Dec/14/2018)
Electric furnace mfrs in Kansai/ Plan to decrease production for Dec by 20 thou tons to 390 thou tons/ Month-on-month (Dec/14/2018)
Ferrous scrap/ Tokyo Steel reduces purchase prices by 500 or 1,000 yen/ But at Tahara, Utsunomiya (Dec/14/2018)
Meiji Steel/ Expanded building in Tochigi plant/ Expands yard for formed products, to improve production efficiency (Dec/14/2018)
Tamatsukuri, plate fusion processor/ Begins to operate state-of-the-art fiber lasers/ Holds start-up ceremony/ Processing accuracy, productivity improved (Dec/14/2018)
Ishiguro owns/ Tojin Kogyo, piping equipment trading firm in Kobe, as subsidiary (Dec/14/2018)
Market prices of columns in Kanto/ Rise 2 thou yen due to supply shortage/ Spot prices rise far higher/ Supply shortening, demand in earnest (Dec/13/2018)
Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs in Kansai/ Drop 500 yen in Himeji (Dec/13/2018)
Kanto area/ Market prices of general shapes rise further by 1 thou yen/ To new year highs, supply/demand balance tightens (Dec/13/2018)
Hokuetsu Metal, 3 group firms/ To merge about next Oct/ Group Management Structural Improvement Committee established (Dec/13/2018)

Ningbo Jintian Copper, ldg copper processor in China/ Aims to increase sales by 50% in Japan/ For electric power, air conditioners, car parts/ To strengthen sales, engineering services (Dec/14/2018)
Hitachi Metals/ For rail cars overseas/ Develops new LAN cable (Dec/14/2018)
Hakudo/ To affiliate Takase Aluminum/ To expand sales network (Dec/13/2018)
Okouchi Metal/ Increasing aluminum demand for aircraft/ To enhance cutting capacity at Gifu factory (Dec/13/2018)
UACJ to withdraw from/ JV for car aluminum panels in USA/ Limited by minor investment (Dec/12/2018)
Showa Denko's new 3-year midterm plan/ Aims to increase accumulated operating profits at aluminum business/ By 5% to 18 billion yen (Dec/12/2018)
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube/ To raise processing charges for domestic products/ Due to increases in energy, other costs (Dec/11/2018)
San-Etsu Metals/ Siliconized lead-free brass bars/ To start volume production by end-FY (Dec/11/2018)
Jan-Mar/ Negotiations on Japan aluminum premiums/ Settled at 85 dollars, down 20% from prev time (Dec/10/2018)
Dowa Metaltech/ Strengthening processing site in Thailand/ Adding slitter for copper strip products (Dec/10/2018)

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