Crude steel production of 19,360 thou tons for Apr-Jun/ To fall below 20 mln tons 1st in 11 years, forecast by METI/ Likely to drop further/ Demand plunging due to COVID-19 (Apr/10/2020)
Crude steel production in FY 2019 to decline 4.8% to 97,910 thou tons (Apr/10/2020)
Nippon Steel Stainless Steel/ To reduce orders received for cold-rolled Ni sheets for store sales also in April by 30%/ To strengthen monitoring of imported steel products (Apr/10/2020)
Tokiwakai/ Inventories of H-beams end-Mar/ Slightly decline to 194,400 tons (Apr/10/2020)
Steel trade/ Freights plunging/ Ships overabundant, also affected by cheaper crude oil (Apr/10/2020)
Ferrous scrap export bidding in Kanto/ Successful with same price as mfrs' purchase prices/ Down 1,999 yen month-on-month but remain over 20 thou yen (Apr/10/2020)
Steel trading firms' overseas businesses/ To recover first in China/ Currently 60-70% of ordinary times/ plunge most in USA/ Pipes, sheets heavily devastated (Apr/09/2020)
Emergency declaration/ Ferrous/non-ferrous industry strengthens measures against COVID-19/ Gov't calls for continuing blast furnace businesses (Apr/09/2020)
Sumitomo Corp's business results for prev period ending Mar/ Decreases estimates of net profits by 100 bln yen/ To 50 bln yen at pipe business/ Affected by cheaper crude oil (Apr/09/2020)
Tokushu Kinzoku Excel/ To develop new composite metallic material/ To apply cold spray method to coil material/ Introduces prolonged continuous coating equipment 1st in the world (Apr/09/2020)

Tsuzuki, aluminium building material mfr/ Develops aluminium-tile-combined fence/ Aims at commercialisation within FY 2020 (Apr/10/2020)
Tosen Sangyo's business results for period ending Mar/ Achieves real-term non-debt management (Apr/10/2020)
Voluntary action plan for transaction improvement/ Focusing on pricing system/ Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers' Association (Apr/09/2020)
SFCC, electric cable-seller/ Focusing on electric construction aluminium cables/ Further publicising to general contractors (Apr/09/2020)
US DOC/ To begin AD investigation for general-purpose aluminium plates/ Against 18 countries inc Bahrain excl Japn (Apr/08/2020)
Mitsubishi Materials reduces lead quotation by 6 thou yen (Apr/08/2020)
Ishikawa Kinzoku Kiko, copper alloy caster/ Affiliates iron casting manufacturer/ To mutually exploit customer bases (Apr/07/2020)
UACJ/ To dissolve JV for extrusions in Indonesia/ To transfer stock holdings, to respond to environmental change (Apr/07/2020)
8 non-ferrous smelting mfrs' production plans for 1st half FY/ Increase electrolytic copper 5.7% to 803,600 tons/ Keep zinc unchanged year-on-year at 236,200 tons (Apr/06/2020)
Electric wire industry's 2020 spring offensive/ Below 60% respond with wage improvement (Apr/06/2020)

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