JFE Steel's plate business/ Closer cooperation with overseas mills/ Helps Korean Dongkuk Steel improve technologies/ Assists Brazilian Gerdau technically (Sep/28/2016)
METI's hearing from distribution group/ "Cargo movement recovers gradually"/ JSPDA reports demand forecast (Sep/28/2016)
Demands for car steel products/ To increase visibly in 2nd half year/ Toyota's domestic production of finished cars/ As planned in Oct-Dec, to increase in Jan-Mar (Sep/28/2016)
Matsuda Shoko/ Cooperates with Miyoshi Kogyo in drilling/ Leases part of factory to create synergy (Sep/28/2016)
Nihon Chemical specializing in shot steel/ To install shapes cutting machine into Onomichi factory/ By year-end, for task automation (Sep/28/2016)
DHF/ New representative office in Indonesia/ To capture plant projects (Sep/28/2016)
NSSMC, WISCO/ JV for tinplate, WIN Steel/ To prepare to produce 800 thou tons a year/ To start operating 2nd CAPL next month (Sep/27/2016)
NSSC/ To raise domestic wire rod prices/ By 15,000 yen for Ni, by 5,000 yen for Cr/ Sep-Nov contracts (Sep/27/2016)
NSSC/ To expand sales of high-end steel grades/ Introduces state-of-the-art roughing mill for bars/wires to improve quality (Sep/27/2016)
NSSMC to reinforce alliance/ 4 group firms in Indonesia/ In maintenance, logistics, making use of regional convergence (Sep/27/2016)

LME nonferrous metal prices downward but for tin/ Mitsui Mining & Smelting reduces zinc quotation by 6,000 yen (Sep/28/2016)
Japan Fine Steel/ Develops aluminum-ceramic composite wire (Sep/28/2016)
Bonding copper and AIN/ Mitsubishi Materials' new technology (Sep/27/2016)
Aluminum scrap/ 2ndary alloy mfrs reduce buying prices/ By 3 yen for late Sep shipment (Sep/27/2016)
Chinese magnesium prices for Japan/ Rise gradually to 2,430-2,460 dollars (Sep/26/2016)
Global supply/demand balance of zinc in Jan-Jul/ Short supply of 174 thou tons, lead in oversupply (Sep/26/2016)
Global supply/demand of copper for Jan-Jun/ Short supply of 306 thou tons, due to increasing consumption in China (Sep/23/2016)
Mitsubishi Cable Industries' subsidiary/ Hanai Densen to close factory (Sep/23/2016)
Tokiwa Kotai, slitter/ To set up aluminum CC in Thailand (Sep/21/2016)
JCBA revises up/ Forecasts on demands for copper and brass products for fiscal 2016/ By 8,700 tons, strong for copper strips, brass bars (Sep/21/2016)

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