LME zinc prices/ Surpass 3 thou dollars 1st in 10 yrs/ Costs of galvanized sheets to rise/ China decreases ingot production (Aug/18/2017)
Steel product exports decline for 6th straight month/ In July by 17% to 2,931 thou tons (Aug/18/2017)
Tokyo Steel/ Raises ferrous scrap purchase prices by 1 thou yen (Aug/18/2017)
Fujisawa Steel/ To improve large slitter/ To increase productivity, processing accuracy/ Expects to receive increasingly orders for hooping (Aug/18/2017)
Yoshida Steel Industry/ To raise prices of H-beam, columns/ By 3 thou yen next Monday, by total of 5 thou yen in September (Aug/18/2017)
Electric furnace mfrs in Kansai/ Expect to decrease production for Aug by 10 thou tons to 357 thou tons (Aug/18/2017)
Market of sheets, thin plates/ Visibly shows upward trend in Tokyo metropolitan area/ Spurred by improved supply/demand balance, quotations raised (Aug/17/2017)
Thai SSI's results for Jan-Jun/ Returns to net surplus 1st in 6 yrs/ Decreased burden of paying interest/ tough time in sales of hot rolled coils (Aug/17/2017)
Distributors in Kansai to raise H-beam prices/ Aims to settle price at 75 thou yen next week (Aug/17/2017)
Orders for ordinary steel products in Jun/ Decline for 5th straight month to 5,627 thou tons (Aug/17/2017)

Oki Electric Cable/ to strengthen sales in North America market/ New sales site in Central USA (Aug/18/2017)
Fujikura/ Develops elastic electronic circuit/ To expand sales for wearable appliances (Aug/18/2017)
Shipments of electrolytic copper in Jan-Jun/ Below 700 thou tons 1st in 6 yrs (Aug/17/2017)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ To strengthen sintered products for cars/ 3 billion yen to increase domestic capacity 10% (Aug/17/2017)
Nikkei MC Aluminium / Aluminum alloy, Production of US hub strong/ Increased number of inquiries by European/US auto mfrs/ Studying for expansion of melting furnaces, etc. (Aug/16/2017)
China aluminum sheet mfrs/ Increasing the production of beverage can substrates/ Newly developed mfrs are reinforcing the facility, oversupply may occur within several years. (Aug/16/2017)
Aluminum rolling/ Acquisition of Aleris by Zhongwang HD China/ Virtually CFIUS rejected the application (Aug/15/2017)
Aluminum rolling 5 companies during term Apr. - Jun. /Sales in favorable condition, increase of profit by 4 companies (Aug/15/2017)
Furukawa Sangyo/ Investigating industrial robo sales/ Suggested small machines for utilization of sales network (Aug/14/2017)
LME non-ferrous market: Increased excluding tin/ Copper and aluminum on new highs (Aug/14/2017)

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