Kobe Steel make new entry into/ Small-diameter seamless steel tubes for bearings/ To take over some commercial rights from NSSMC, Sanyo Special Steel (Jan/21/2019)
EU's SG against steel products/ To continue exemption on grain-oriented electrical sheets/ To impose formally on 3 additional items/ To change quota system to country basis (Jan/21/2019)
Metal One's change in executives/ Oki to vice-president/ 5 new members incl Kotake (Jan/21/2019)
Mitsui & Co Y Takebe to vice-president/ Kodera to head of Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit (Jan/21/2019)
Daiwa Steel Tube Industries/ To raise prices of galvanized steel pipes/ By 5 thou yen for Feb shipments/ To revise cutting, transport charges (Jan/21/2019)
Electric-furnace electrodes/ Raw material prices rise further/ By over 30% from turn of year/ Inevitable impact on product prices (Jan/21/2019)
Tokiwakai/ Inventories of H-beam end-Dec/ Increase 1st in 5 months to 187,300 tons/ NSSMC, 'Considers not excessive, appropriate' (Jan/18/2019)
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Shapes not to change/ H-beam sales prices for Jan contracts (Jan/18/2019)
Itec/ Begins to produce, sell medium-diameter square tubes/ At Tokyo factory/ 1 thou tons a month, aims to annual sales of 1.3 bln yen (Jan/18/2019)
Titanium sheet by NSSMC/ Employed for national scenic beauty/ Udo Jingu in Miyazaki (Jan/18/2019)

Chinese magnesium ingot prices rise back/ Due to coal mine accident, following coke prices (Jan/21/2019)
Market prices of rolled aluminium products anticipated to fall/ USA-China trade friction decreases ingot prices (Jan/21/2019)
LME nonferrous metal prices rise but for lead/ Copper prices rose again to 5,900 dollars 1st in 3 business days (Jan/18/2019)
USA to lift sanctions on RUSAL/ Bill to keep sanctions voted down by Congress (Jan/18/2019)
Mitsui Mining & Smelting/ To expand sales of copper foil for substrates in in-vehicle field/ To propose ultrathin foil, for high frequencies (Jan/17/2019)
Kikukawa Kogyo, metal interior/exterior working/ To strengthen interior dep't (Jan/17/2019)
LME nickel inventories/ Fall] below 200 thou tons 1st in 5.5 years/ Demand increasing for in-vehicle secondary batteries (Jan/16/2019)
Hanwa/ Mfr of material for 2ndary batteries as JV with affiliate of Tsingshan Steel/ Starts constructing plant in Indonesia (Jan/16/2019)
Ishizue Magnet Wire Works, mfr of winding wires/ To rebuild some factories, welfare building/ Obtains adjacent land, building (Jan/15/2019)
LME copper prices drop back 1st in 5 days/ Due to current of US-China trade talks (Jan/15/2019)

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