JFE Steel/ To add continuous caster to Kurashiki/ To invest 40 bln yen, 2 mil tons of annual production (Dec/15/2017)
Electric-furnace electrode/ Domestic price to hit record high/ Over 900 thou yen a ton for next April or later/ Tokai Carbon announces price hike (Dec/15/2017)
Hot rolled skin sheets/ Visibly in short supply in Tokyo/ Some mfrs cut acceptances/ Reflecting demand upturn/ To drive up market prices (Dec/15/2017)
Tenaris/ Constructed new mill for seamless steel tubes/ In Texas/ Annual production of 600 thou tons, for shale gas development (Dec/15/2017)
China's crude steel production in Nov/ Falls below 70 mil tons due to winter production cutback (Dec/15/2017)
Sanyo Special Steel/ Spark test analysis using computer/ Develops steel product identification system/ With Tokyo University of Science, begins validation for practical use (Dec/15/2017)
Kyoei Steel/ Stops offering at all sites/ Aims to early improve rebar market (Dec/14/2017)
Sumitomo Corp/ To transfer shares in Taiwanese CC/ To be JV with Hsin Kuang Steel/ To widen sales, to strengthen operational base (Dec/14/2017)
Steel products distributions in 3 major areas/ Sales remain strong also in Nov/ Plate inventories decrease remarkably/ Our survey (Dec/14/2017)
Komoshita Youdan, plate fusion processor/ Making large investment in moving factory, constructing new factory building/ Aims to increase group-wide monthly production 10% (Dec/14/2017)

JMC/ To tie-up with Chinese large magnesium manufacturer/ To sell burnt dolomite in Japan (Dec/15/2017)
FEIC/ To replace stranding machine in Kyushu plant/ To enhance LMFC production (Dec/15/2017)
Electric wire mfrs' overseas expansions/ New record high of 362 local corporations (Dec/14/2017)
Furukawa Electric/ Production site in Mexico/ Supplies optical cables to US market (Dec/14/2017)
Fujikura/ As JV for high-voltage harnesses/ New design/development firm, to capture demand for EVs (Dec/13/2017)
Showa Denko/ Expanding aluminum can business in Southeast Asia/ To make further enhancement investment, M&A as option (Dec/13/2017)
Chinese magnesium price soaring/ By 300-450 dollars in last 1.5 months/ Due to partial ferrosilicon production suspension (Dec/12/2017)
Italian Prysmian Cables & Systems, world's leading mfr of electric cables/ To acquire US General Cable/ To expand business in North American market (Dec/12/2017)
Fujikura/ Reorganizes harness production in Europe/ Opens new factory in Moldova, Eastern Europe (Dec/11/2017)
Market of phosphor bronze products in Kanto/ Distrs take strong stance on sale/ Pass on Mfrs' raising back of processing charge (Dec/11/2017)

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