Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs/ To lowest in 2 years 4 months in Kanto/ Drop further by 500 yen (Sep/17/2019)
Ferrous scrap/ Tokyo Steel/ Reduces purchase prices by 500 yen at OKayama, Utsunomiya (Sep/17/2019)
Nippon Steel 's company-wide JK convention/ Vice-president Tanimoto, 'Revitalise workplaces further" (Sep/17/2019)
Miyawaki Kokan/ Installs new grooving machine for small-diameter, thick, round pipes/ Expects demand to increase for high-designability buildings (Sep/17/2019)
Okabe's technique for reinforcing through-holes of steel-framed beams/ Applicable to Tokyo Steel's extra-size H-beams (Sep/17/2019)
Urayasu Steel Industrial Park's survey of business sentiment in Aug/ "Decreased profits" account for 60% (Sep/17/2019)
Mitsubishi Corp/ To strengthen trilateral deals of steelmaking materials, metal resources / To enhance sites for port inventories in China/ 1st for iron ore (Sep/13/2019)
Matec/ To construct new ferrous scrap shredding facility/ in Ishikari Bay New Port/ To invest 3 bln yen in total/ Considers speeding up export to distant countries (Sep/13/2019)
Tokyo Steel/ Reduces ferrous scrap purchase prices/ 500 yen at Utsunomiya (Sep/13/2019)
Murayama Steel Products/ Consolidates commercial warehouse function into Urayasu/ To facilitate efficiency, closes Funabashi (Sep/13/2019)

Miyoshi Gokin Kogyo/ To increase accuracy in processing aircraft materials/ To introduce dedicated lathe, to develop cutting tools (Sep/17/2019)
Suzusho, wholesaler of non-ferrous scraps/ "To resume" dismantling transformers/ To meet lower scrapping, changing environment (Sep/17/2019)
Taiyoparts to construct new premises/ To be moved for expansion as business scale increases/ To invest 1 bln yen (Sep/13/2019)
JOGMEC/ Via TICAD/ To strengthen relationships with resources countries/ Meets nations' leaders ministers (Sep/13/2019)
Fuji Light Metal/ Speeding up developing medical magnesium alloy/ In cooperation with device manufacturer to control bioabsorbable property (Sep/12/2019)
Norsk Hydro, leading aluminium mfr/ Plans to restructure rolling business/ To close foil factory, to sell extrusion factory partially (Sep/12/2019)
Oct-Dec shipments/ Negotiations on Japan aluminium premiums/ Agreed at 97 dollars, decline of 11 dollars (Sep/11/2019)
GS Yuasa Technology/ Lithium-ion batteries to be mounted in HTV8/ Planned to be lifted off today (Sep/11/2019)
Market of aluminium foil for electric equipment/ Maintains downturn for capacitors/ Steady for in-vehicle batteries (Sep/10/2019)
Kanto area, leading 2ndary alloy mfrs' aluminium scrap purchase prices/ Down by 3 yen for early Sep shipments (Sep/10/2019)

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