Ferrous scrap market in Kanto/ Strong pressure for increasing prices/ Bay area prices rise further by 500 yen/ Overseas markets anticipated to rise (Feb/17/2017)
JFE Steel, Marubeni/ Long-term contract with Vinacomin/ To stably procure anthracite coking coal (Feb/17/2017)
Japan Steel Works/ To employ NSSMC's seamless steel tubes/ For steel accumulators for hydrogen stations/ To reduce weight, costs (Feb/17/2017)
Kishiwada Steel Group/ Renews ERP system/ Managing all operations optimally in real time (Feb/17/2017)
NSSP/ Maintains full-scale production at plants in Kita-kanto, Shonan/ Actual demand strong, also continues selective order intake (Feb/17/2017)
JFE Galvanizing & Coating/ System steel framework method/ Employed 1st for building under the elevated (Feb/17/2017)
Prices of imported sheets surging/ Offering prices of cold rolled coils close to 80 thou yen/ Hot rolled coils to 70 thou yen, galvanized sheets to 90 thou yen/ Distrs vigilant (Feb/16/2017)
Benchmark index in measures against global warming/ To be revised each year by JISF/ Commitment to Low Carbon Society/ To properly reflect self-reliant efforts (Feb/16/2017)
8 listed steel-frame/bridge fabricators/ Apr-Dec period, 4 firms increase ordinary profits/ Takada Kiko returns to profitability (Feb/16/2017)
Electric furnace mfrs in Kansai/ Expect to keep production unchanged for Feb at 363 thou tons (Feb/16/2017)

5 aluminum rolling mfrs' results for Apr-Dec period/ Strong sales, 4 firms increase sales/ Boosted by use for cans, transport equipment (Feb/17/2017)
LIXIL/ To establish training school for installing sash for buildings/ To foster human resources early (Feb/17/2017)
Market prices of Chinese magnesium rally/ Rise by over 100 dollars from Chinese New Year (Feb/16/2017)
Showa Denko/ Increases sales of rolled aluminum products in FY 2016/ 16% to 51 thou tons/ Boom in foil, large extrusions (Feb/16/2017)
Showa Aluminum Can/ 2nd can-making factory in Vietnam/ 5 bn yen to increase production capacity 50% (Feb/15/2017)
LME prices rise further across the board/ To highest in 9 yrs 4 mos for zinc (Feb/15/2017)
8 nonferrous smelting mfrs, Apr-Dec period/ 4 firms decrease ordinary profits/ Due to falling copper prices, strong yen (Feb/14/2017)
Ueda Kinzoku/ Introduces plate/bar material cutter/ Into affiliated Suda Shoten, to meet need for quick delivery in central Tokyo (Feb/14/2017)
Global supply/demand of nickel for 2017/ Supply falls short of 48 thou tons/ Forecast by Sumitomo Metal Mining (Feb/13/2017)
LME prices show mixed results/ Highest in 2 mos for zinc (Feb/13/2017)

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