JFE Steel develops/ High-lubrication GI sheets for cars/ Press formability improved/ For Western automakers (Nov/16/2018)
Kanto market/ General shapes prices rise 1 thou yen (Nov/16/2018)
Tokyo Steel/ Raises steel scrap purchase prices/ By 500-1,000 yen (Nov/16/2018)
Urayasu Steel Industrial Park's survey of business sentiment in Oct/ 40% "Improved profits"/ Sales recover as demand season begins (Nov/16/2018)
Electric furnace mfrs of ordinary steel in Kansai expect to produce for Nov/ High level of over 400 thou tons (Nov/16/2018)
NSENGI/ Constructed new facility for producing heat dissipators for next-generation cars/ For Aichi Steel Gifu plant (Nov/16/2018)
Japan Steel Works/ To strengthen competitiveness of clad steel/ To make capital investments as 4-year plan/ To increase productivity 30%, to reduce costs 20% or more/ Full entry into car field, development of large magnesium alloy injection molder (Nov/15/2018)
China's crude steel production/ In Oct, new monthly record high of 82,550 thou tons/ Regulations to reduce production have little effect (Nov/15/2018)
N Kuroda, chief of the Metals Division, METI/ Attends meeting of JAMA's Materials Subcommittee/ Stresses importance of trade improvement (Nov/15/2018)
3 blast furnace mfrs increase investments in R&D/ 1st half year, 5% to 68.4 bln yen/ Maintain high level, focus on developing materials for next-generation vehicles (Nov/15/2018)

JX Nippon Mining & Metals, Mitsubishi Materials/ To invest 1.3 bln dollars in Los Pelambres copper mine, Chile/ To enhance ore treatment capacity/ To increase copper production by 60 thou tons a year to 400 thou tons (Nov/16/2018)
Rolled aluminum products/ Market prices for store sales anticipated to fall/ By 10-20 yen next Jan or later (Nov/16/2018)
YKK AP/ To expand production of strategic product of composite window/ To be manufactured also at Tohoku plant (Nov/15/2018)
Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable/ To invest 1.1 bln yen for this FY/ To strengthen thin cables (Nov/15/2018)
LME aluminum market rallies/ To lowest in 1 year 3 months, due to falling US stock prices (Nov/14/2018)
Business results for Apr-Sep half/ Pacific Metals/ Ordinary profits of 3.5 bln yen (Nov/14/2018)
Prices of Chinese magnesium ingot/ Remained unchanged since late Sep (Nov/13/2018)
Mitsui Mining & Smelting/ Revises down plan to produce ultrathin copper foil for this FY/ Affected by customers' inventory adjustment (Nov/13/2018)
Daiki Aluminium Industry/ To establish production site in India/ To invest 2.5 bln yen expanding businesses in Asia (Nov/12/2018)
8 nonferrous smelting mfrs' business results for Apr-Sep half/ 6 firms decrease ordinary profits/ Affected by decline in prices despite steady demand (Nov/12/2018)

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