Japan-Korea steel dialogue/ To prevent trade frictions/ Small urgent meeting if concerns arise (Dec/05/2016)
NSSMP, Yoshimoto Pole/ To integrate light pole businesses/ To establish JV (Dec/05/2016)
Chinese Baosteel to raise domestic tinplate sales prices/ By 8,300-11,600 yen for Jan (Dec/05/2016)
Distributors of plates/sheets/ To raise prices for direct demand in haste/ Accepted gradually for trade sales (Dec/05/2016)
Hitachi Metals/ Pulls out of carbide roll/ To sell group firm in USA/ To concentrate on casting roll in Japan (Dec/05/2016)
Kansai Tekko/ To raise prices of all expanded metal products/ By 10,000 yen after settlement of balance in Dec (Dec/05/2016)
Export of hot rolled coils/ Prices targeted at 550-600 dollars for Jan-Mar shipment/ To increase again due to rising materials costs (Dec/02/2016)
Iron ore prices/ To rise by 9% to 57 dollars for Jan-Mar shipment/ 1st in 2 quarters (Dec/02/2016)
Increasing trend in steel frame demands for small/medium buildings/ Deliveries to increase for store sales (Dec/02/2016)
Inventories of 3 sheet items decline further/ To 3,959 thou tons within appropriate range end-October (Dec/02/2016)

Magnesium market prices/ "To rise in 1st half of 2017"/ Labor costs to rise/ Forecast by nonferrous trading firm (Dec/05/2016)
Aluminum plates/ Inquiries increasing for LC manufacturing equipment/ Strong also for railroad cars (Dec/05/2016)
LME nonferrous metals prices rose across the board/ Due to final agreement to reduce crude oil production (Dec/02/2016)
Sumitomo Metal Mining/ Sets up ICT Promotion Room/ To strengthen cost competitiveness, development capability (Dec/02/2016)
Furukawa Electric/ Strong production of copper tubes in Thailand/ Record high level in 1st half-year (Dec/01/2016)
Market of rolled aluminum products for store sales/ To remain unchanged in Jan-Mar/ To bottom out owing to Trump quotation (Dec/01/2016)
UACJ/ To enhance rolling aluminum plates overseas/ To invest 55 bn yen in total/ To add cold rolling machines in Thailand, USA (Nov/30/2016)
Furukawa Electric/ Commissions production of copper strip to Chinese firm/ Starts supply to local market (Nov/30/2016)
Toho Zinc/ To stop production cutback in zinc-lead mine in Australia/ Due to rising zinc prices, to treat crude ore of 40 thou tons a month (Nov/29/2016)
Mitsui Mining & Smelting/ To increase capacity of ultrathin copper foil by 35%/ To double in Malaysian site (Nov/29/2016)

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