Tender price for joint steel scrap export in Kansai/ Successful with lower than electric furnace mfrs' purchase prices/ Down 30 yen from previous price to 34,750 yen/ Domestic prices become overvalued (Sep/21/2018)
Tokyo Steel/ Raises ferrous scrap purchase prices/ By 500-1,000 yen in Okayama, Kyushu, Takamatsu (Sep/21/2018)
NSSC/ Domestic wire rods for Sep-Nov contracts/ To reduce prices by 10 thou yen for Ni/ Not to change prices for Cr (Sep/21/2018)
Small Bar Conference/ Chairman Sato, "Cope with review of business practices, rising costs" (Sep/21/2018)
Koga All/ To shift collection of small-size cutlengths/ To robots for labor saving (Sep/21/2018)
Kyoei Steel not to change/ Deformed bar prices for Oct (Sep/21/2018)
JFE Steel/ To produce superhigh-tensile steel for cars/ At home and abroad/ 1.2 GPa class in China, Thailand, Indonesia (Sep/20/2018)
Global Forum discussing excessive steel capacity/ Ministerial-level meeting in Paris today/ To adopt interim report/ Including specific solutions/ Contents disagreed upon (Sep/20/2018)
Tokushu Kinzoku Excel/ Develops high-function stainless steel to be mass-produced/ Achieving world's best balance of strength and ductility (Sep/20/2018)
NSSB to take 10% stake in/ QH Plus, Vietnamese construction material processor/distributor/ To capture demand at steel frame business (Sep/20/2018)

Furukawa Electric/ To increase production of new oxygen-free copper strip/ Employed in full swing by circuit substrate mfr/ Improving yield at semiconductor packaging (Sep/21/2018)
AIST/ As cathode material for potassium-ion batteries/ Jointly develops 4 V-level composite oxide (Sep/21/2018)
Yazaki Energy System/ To increase efficiency in office sales work 30%/ To introduce robotic technology in 3 years (Sep/20/2018)
Koji Inoue, Director-General of Manufacturing Industries Bureau/ Expects nonferrous industry in vehicle electrification/ "Body weight reduction, innovative battery development are key" (Sep/20/2018)
Totoku Electric starts full-scale operation/ FFC factory at Philippine site (Sep/19/2018)
LME nonferrous metal prices drop across the board/ Concern over trade friction between China and USA, zinc prices down to lowest in 2 years (Sep/19/2018)
ALCONIX/ Celebration party for inauguration of new president gathers 320 persons/ President Takei, "Maintain challenging attitude" (Sep/18/2018)
Fuji Metal Industries to raise prices of antifriction alloy/ By up to 20 yen for late Sep shipments (Sep/18/2018)
LME nonferrous metals prices rose across the board/ Copper futures prices recover temporarily to 6 thou dollar 1st in 2 weeks (Sep/14/2018)
Sumitomo Corp/ Takes stake in metal 3D printer firm in USA (Sep/14/2018)

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