Kyoei Steel to raise sales prices of reinforcing steel bars/ By 3 thou yen also for Feb/ 3rd consecutive month (Jan/19/2018)
China's crude steel production last Dec/ Declines to lowest in 1 year on daily basis/ Due to environmental regulation (Jan/19/2018)
Kyoei Steel/ Harbor business in Vietnam/ To start operation in Feb/ Opening ceremony next Mon (Jan/19/2018)
NSSMC/ High corrosion-resistance plate extending painting period/ For bridges, employed also in Okinawa/ Impetus to sales expansion in salt damage areas (Jan/19/2018)
Nakayama Steel Works/ To raise prices of wire rods/steel bars/ By 10 thou yen for contracts from Jan (Jan/19/2018)
Asahi Tostem Exterior Building Material/ To begin to sell new pattern of exterior metal materials in Feb/ Imitating rust stone texture with high precision (Jan/19/2018)
NSSMC/ Strengthens on-site safety measures/ To double relevant investments in installing safety fences/ Draws up 2018-2020 three-year plan (Jan/18/2018)
Market prices of deformed bars rise further in Kanto/ By 1 thou yen to 70 thou yen for high prices (Jan/18/2018)
Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs/ Rise further by 1 thou yen in Kanto/ Due to price hike by Tokyo Steel, supply/demand balance tightening (Jan/18/2018)
Godo Steel/ Asks rebar processors/ To submit particulars early/ To cope with soaring transportation costs (Jan/18/2018)

Furukawa Electric/ Business tie-up with Greek firm/ To sell cable, wireless applications in sets (Jan/19/2018)
2ndary aluminum alloy mfrs/ Not change scrap purchase prices for late Jan shipment (Jan/19/2018)
JX Nippon Mining & Metals/ To expand electrical material processing business/ To make strategic investments of 70 bln yen in FY 2017-2019 (Jan/18/2018)
Hakudo/ New material for metal 3D printers/ Available for aluminum alloy ADC 12 (Jan/18/2018)
Toyota Tsusho/ To invest 26 bln yen in Australian resources firm/ To secure lithium in the medium to long term (Jan/17/2018)
UACJ Trading/ To augment Aluminum CC in Kunshan, China/ To increase processing capacity 40%, to capture demand for computer chassis (Jan/17/2018)
SUS for aluminum equipment/machinery/ New factory in Fukushima office/ To produce aluminum billets partly in-house/ To invest 1 bln yen installing new casting line (Jan/16/2018)
Mitsubishi Materials/ Develops new gold-tin alloy paste/ To improve productivity without requiring cleaning process (Jan/16/2018)
GS Yuasa/ New plant in Hungary/ To produce LiB for car start-up (Jan/15/2018)
Metalcut/ Adds small leveler/shearer/ To meet increasing demand for car parts (Jan/15/2018)

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