NSSMC, Nisshin Steel to cooperate in/ Purchasing iron ore, coking coal/ NSSMC to make lump-sum purchase/ To improve efficiency in transporting materials (Feb/22/2018)
Toyota settles conditional negotiations for 2nd half year/ With ldg blast furnace mfrs/ Not to change supply prices in April/ Steelmakers appeal on soaring prices of auxiliary materials (Feb/22/2018)
Some coil centers in Kansai/ Reviewing processing charges/ Aim to pull out of unprofitability (Feb/22/2018)
Tenaris/ Rig Direct service/ Concludes 1st contract for China (Feb/22/2018)
Market prices of Ni stainless steel welded tubes/ Rise 50 thou yen in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka/ Pass on mfrs' price raise, supply/demand balance remain tight (Feb/22/2018)
Ternium Brazil/ Extends slab supply contract with AM/NS Calvert (Feb/22/2018)
Mitsui & Co Steel to start 4 product dep't structure in Apr/ Mitsui & Co to deploy steel coordinators in 4 domestic sites/ For group cooperation (Feb/21/2018)
Coking coal prices for Jan-Mar shipments/ To rise a little over 20%/ Iron ore prices to rise 30% for Apr-Jun shipments (Feb/21/2018)
Domestic crude steel production increases for 3rd straight month/ In Jan to 9,030 thou tons/ Boosted by electric furnace steel production (Feb/21/2018)
Nisshin Steel/ Continuous galvanizing line in Toyo/ Achieves new record high of monthly production (Feb/21/2018)

Tsuzuki, business of aluminum handrails/exterior walls/ Aims to increase ordinary profits 5-fold in 4 years/ To capture renovation demand by business tie-up (Feb/22/2018)
Toyota/ Develops new type of heat-resistant magnet/ Halving neodymium use (Feb/22/2018)
Kansai Tsushin Densen/ To move head factory to Kagawa/ To consolidate sites for efficient production (Feb/21/2018)
Sato Metal Trading/ New sales site in Mexico/ To strengthen delivery of car parts (Feb/21/2018)
Tsuzuki, handling aluminum building materials/ To expand Tonami plant in Toyama/ To increase production of panels for external walls (Feb/20/2018)
5 aluminum rolling firms' business results for Apr-Dec period/ 4 firms increase sales/profits, healthy for car materials (Feb/20/2018)
JX Nippon Mining & Metals reviews configuration of interests in Chilean copper mines/ To obtain additional interests in Los Pelambres from Mitsui & Co/ To transfer all interests in Collahuasi (Feb/19/2018)
Yamazaki Kinzoku Sangyo/ To sell aluminum materials for cars in USA/ To open site in Kentucky (Feb/19/2018)
Furukawa Techno Material/ To increase capacity for producing NT alloy/ 50% in 5 years (Feb/16/2018)
Showa Denko/ Increases sales of rolled aluminum products in 2017/ 9.4% to 56 thou tons boosted by extrusions for rail cars (Feb/16/2018)

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