JFE's new system/ To distinguish forged mill sheets/ Using QR code, smartphone/ To stop widespread counterfeit steel products overseas (Aug/31/2016)
METI's budget requests/ Related to iron/steel, nonferrous metals/ FY 2017, 9,350 mil yen for technology development/ To launch new project to recover rare metals (Aug/31/2016)
Ordinary steel product imports in July/ Increase month-on-month by 1.7% to 323 thou tons/ Decline by 2.4% cumulatively this year, domestic demand in a slump (Aug/31/2016)
MBS Steel Products East/ Begins to sell columns in stock in Fukushima/ Introduces grooving machine, aims at over 250 tons a month (Aug/31/2016)
Aichi Steel's new bonded magnet/ Employed for Makita products/ Saving processes by integral injection molding (Aug/31/2016)
Brazilian CSN/ To sell subsidiary can-maker/ To ldg peer company in Poland for 10 bn yen (Aug/31/2016)
Coking coal/ For Oct-Dec shipment, price to rise further/ Highly likely to surpass 100 dollars/ Supply/demand balance tightened by flood damage in China/ Production bottleneck at major coal mines in Australia/ Full-scale negotiations to start next week (Aug/30/2016)
Chinese steel market rises further/ Offer prices likely to surpass 400 dollars for exports of hot rolled coils/ Rapid rise causes concerns about future (Aug/30/2016)
Domestic car steel products/ To tighten in 2nd half year, exports to increase/ Domestic production expected to reach over 9.3 million cars (Aug/30/2016)
NSSMP/ To raise deck plate prices/ By 5,000 yen for October shipment (Aug/30/2016)

JCBA/ Road maps of technology strategy/ Guide to developing new markets, strengthening competitiveness (Aug/31/2016)
China Zhongwang Holdings, aluminum roller/ To buy Aleris, US peer (Aug/31/2016)
Tomisho Alumite/ Strengthens hard alumite business/ Expands sales for industrial machines, cars (Aug/30/2016)
Kanto/ Copper scrap market/ Poor dealings also after Bon holidays (Aug/30/2016)
Demands for aluminum products in Jan-Jun/ Maintain same level as last yr at 2,030 thou tons/ Increase for transport equipment despite decline in exports (Aug/29/2016)
Shinsho/ To reinforce aluminum CCs in China/ New factory in Shenyang, enhancement in Suzhou/ To double capacity to 5,000 tons a month, to expand sales for cars (Aug/29/2016)
Copper prices drop further on LME market/ JX Nippon Mining & Metals reduces copper quotation by 10,000 yen (Aug/26/2016)
June/ Treatments of nonferrous metal materials/ Copper alloy declines for 13th straight month (Aug/26/2016)
LME, only copper prices drop further/ Inventory increases to highest in 7 months (Aug/25/2016)
2ndary alloy manufacturers/ Not to change aluminum scrap purchase prices/ For late August shipment (Aug/25/2016)

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