Domestic crude steel production in 2019/ Likely to fall below 100 mln tons 1st in 10 years/ In Oct, drops for 4th consecutive month to 8,157 thou tons (Nov/22/2019)
Kyoei Steel not to change/ Deformed bar prices for Dec/ Considers raising prices for Jan or later (Nov/22/2019)
Yorozu to take urgent actions to improve profitability/ To cut executive compensation, prohibit business trips in principle/ 1 bln yen of rationalisation effects to definitely achieve full-year goals (Nov/22/2019)
8 listed steel-frame/bridge fabricators/ Decrease total orders received in 2nd half year by 26%/ Down for both public and private sectors (Nov/22/2019)
Osaka Steel not to change/ Prices of general shapes for Dec contracts (Nov/22/2019)
Sanyo Industries/ OA floor system made of steel/ Develops product of up to 1m floor height/ Effective use of underfloor space (Nov/22/2019)
Overseas market prices of hot rolled coils/ Rise to 450 dollars/ Indian mills, Vietnamese FHS raise prices (Nov/21/2019)
Steel exports/ Decline 9% to 2,835 thou tons in Oct/ Due to sluggish market, typhoons (Nov/21/2019)
President Kakigi of JFE Holdings/ 'Move into "new normal" era'/ 'More in-depth measures' for steel business (Nov/21/2019)
Sansei/ Launching new products/systems one after another/ To capture demand for steel pipe piles by increasing commercial value (Nov/21/2019)

Global supply-demand of copper ingot in Jan-Aug/ Supplies fall short of 330 thou tons (Nov/22/2019)
Chairman Matsushita of Japan Copper and Brass Association/ Demand for copper tubes this FY, 'Expected to increase in 2nd half year' (Nov/22/2019)
Furukawa Electric/ Establishes sales company in Thailand/ Comprehensively helps customers to build communications networks (Nov/21/2019)
JX Nippon Mining & Metals to raise copper quotation by 10 thou yen (Nov/21/2019)
UACJ Thailand/ Pres. Tsuchiya “Toward current account surplus in 2020”/ Increasing the sales quantity, promoting price revision as well. (Nov/20/2019)
Hakudo/ Aircraft material, inventory sales in Shiga as well/ To reinforce the competitiveness with delivery term flexibility. (Nov/20/2019)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ To expand sales of FPC boards for cars/ To capture demand related to electric vehicle batteries (Nov/19/2019)
Kuno Sangyo begins to sell stocked/ "Lead-free bismuth brass bars" from Kitz Metal Works (Nov/19/2019)
Sumitomo Electric Industries/ To increase harness production thanks to increasing orders received/ New sites in Southeast Asia, North Africa (Nov/18/2019)
4 firms incl UACJ/ Joint research on drug administration system/ To begin practical use of "aluminium foil able to detect unsealed medicine" (Nov/18/2019)

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