Hitachi Metals/ Extends application of surcharge/ To auxiliary materials 1st in Japan/ From Jul shipment (Aug/20/2018)
Daido Steel's powder business/ Aims at annual sales of 10 bln yen for FY 2020/ To increase production of high-function products (Aug/20/2018)
Ferrous scrap/ Tokyo Steel raises purchase prices by 1,000-1,500 yen (Aug/20/2018)
Kondo Kozai Group/ Begins 'steel frame fabrication' at Fuji factory/ Obtains Grade M, strengthens post assembly capability (Aug/20/2018)
Cargo movement of wire ropes recovering/ Manufacturers raise prices as costs rise (Aug/20/2018)
Nittetsu, specialty steel distributor/ Aggressive investment to improve operation efficiency/ Replaces cutting machine, to renew system (Aug/20/2018)
Three BF mfrs./Facility invest, 3 year continuous increase/ 835 bil yen in FY18, increase by 5%/ Infra development mainly on upstream processes/ Reinforcing automotive steel sheet lines for handling the growth in EV (Aug/17/2018)
Import of ordinary steel in FY2018/Will be 4.8-4.9 mil tons/Decrease of about 5%/Reflecting decreases in Korea, China and Taiwan/ Sharp rise of Vietnam wires (Aug/17/2018)
Steel Export Jul./ Fall from 3 mil tons first time in 3 months/ Influence of West Japan Cloudburst (Aug/17/2018)
Ordinary steel order receipt Jun./Continuous increase for 3 months/Driven by construction use (Aug/17/2018)

European Granges, Mitsubishi Aluminum/ Suspend considering new plant in North America, uncertain to secure profits (Aug/20/2018)
Yokohama Rubber/ Develops aluminum tube for automotive heat exchangers/ Unifies refrigerant piping (Aug/20/2018)
World aluminum new bare metal demand and supply 2018/ Shortage of supply, expanded to 480 thou ton/ Predicted by SC (Aug/17/2018)
Mitsuboshi/ Philippines hub and Shiga Factory/ Concentrated facility investment/ Expansion of business, enhanced quality (Aug/17/2018)
Aluminum rolling export for the US/No deceleration after import restriction/Difficulty of replacing high value added products/Intending to purchase with price including US user tariff (Aug/16/2018)
Jan.-Jun. electrolytic copper production/ Refineries in high operation, exceeding 800 thou tons (Aug/16/2018)
LME nickel inventory/Decrease by 30% in 8 months/Price may increase if decrease continues (Aug/15/2018)
Apr.-Jun. term of big European-US aluminum rolling mfrs./Increased profit by 3 mfrs. incl. Novelis/Increased shipment, improved sales margins (Aug/15/2018)
Volume of aluminum sheets import, accelerated increase of China materials/Following can materials, printing sheets are expanding (Aug/14/2018)
Five big aluminum rolling mfrs. in Apr.-Jun. term/Profit fell excluding NLM HD, downward pressure by high raw fuel expense (Aug/14/2018)

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