Kyoei Steel to raise Aug sales prices of deformed bars/ By 2 thou yen/ To absorb high costs (Jul/21/2017)
Domestic crude steel production in Jan-Jun/ Increases slightly to 52.3 mil tons/ In 1st half of 2017, 1st in 3 years (Jul/21/2017)
METI Subcommittee on Energy Saving/ "Encourage massive investments to achieve energy-saving goal/ Mentioned in skeleton plan/ Steel industry expects support measures (Jul/21/2017)
S. Africa notifies WTO of imposing/ SG against hot rolled coils, plates, without final decision by its organization (Jul/21/2017)
F Hirotaki, plate fusion cutter/ Strengthens drilling, grooving/ Introduces shooter for integrated system from plate cutting (Jul/21/2017)
Trades of all iron and steel in 1st half of 2017/ Exports fall below 20 mil tons 1st in 8 yrs/ Imports exceed 4 mil tons 1st in 3 yrs (Jul/21/2017)
Ferrous scrap purchase prices by electric furnace mfrs/ Continue rising gradually in Kanto/ Supply/demand balance tightens in bay area/ Some mfrs raise prices 500 yen (Jul/20/2017)
Niyodo Tekko expands Tokyo factory/ To improve efficiency in coil processing (Jul/20/2017)
BHP Billiton/ Iron ore production in Western Australia/ Record high of 231 mil tons/ Period ending in Jun 2017 (Jul/20/2017)
Fusoh Kokan to take over trade rights/ From Kimijima Kokan to withdraw from business end-Jul (Jul/20/2017)

Mitsui Mining & Smelting/ To increase production of copper foil for high-frequency substrates/ To increase capacity 60% in Taiwan plant (Jul/21/2017)
Electric wire shipments in Jan-Jun/ increase 1st in 3 years, supported by cars, electronics uses (Jul/21/2017)
China marks record high of aluminum production in Jun/ 2,930 thou tons, thanks to recovery in LME market (Jul/20/2017)
Commission on Promoting Mining Policy/ Adopts petition for mining policy/ Requests enhancement of tax systems (Jul/20/2017)
LME nickel prices/ Recover to over 4.3 dollars 1st in 2.5 months (Jul/19/2017)
YKK AP/ To increase renovation-related business to 40%/ Focuses on multifamily, single-family dwellings (Jul/19/2017)
JOGMEC, Kobe Univ/ Cooperate on resources, energies (Jul/18/2017)
LME aluminum market rallies/ As Chinese ldg mfrs to be reported to decrease production (Jul/18/2017)
Toyohashi University of Technology/ Develops ultrahigh-strength magnesium alloy bars/ Tensile strength of 500 MPa, one tenth the price (Jul/14/2017)
Mitsui Mining & Smelting/ To increase production of electrolyte copper foil for PFC/ To increase capacity in Malaysia 20% (Jul/14/2017)

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