Private interview with President Narendran of Indian Tata Steel/ To increase domestic production capacity to over 17 mil tons/ Sheet JV with NSSMC, "to move into the black in 2 to 3 years"/ JV with ThyssenKrupp in Europe "to improve profitability by synergy" (Oct/17/2017)
WSA/ Worldwide steel product consumption in 2018/ To increase 1.6% to 1,648 mil tons (Oct/17/2017)
Maruichi Steel Tube/ To build additional plant in Oregon, USA/ To increase production of small-diameter square tubes for buildings (Oct/17/2017)
Tokyo Steel not to change steel product sales prices for Nov/ Across the board 1st in 3 months (Oct/17/2017)
Orders for ordinary steel products in Aug/ Increase for 2nd straight month to 5,958 thou tons (Oct/17/2017)
Mexican JV capitalized by Kobe Steel and others/ To start full-fledged mass production of CH steel wires/ To supply automobile-related users (Oct/17/2017)
China's steel product exports in Sep/ Decline 42% to 5,140 thou tons/ Lowest in 4 yrs due to boost in domestic demand (Oct/16/2017)
Kobe Steel's quality data falsifications/ 5 additional inappropriate cases in copper, aluminum products/ Press conference by president Kawasaki/ Steel wires, special steel, announces past cases (Oct/16/2017)
Maruichi Steel Tube/ Plant in LA, USA/ To build product warehouse/ To enhance quality control, services (Oct/16/2017)
Steel can recycling rate in FY 2016/ Record high of 93.9%/ Exceeds 90% for 6th straight year (Oct/16/2017)

YKK AP/ Starts business of aluminum construction materials in India/ Supply for condominiums (Oct/17/2017)
Aluminum plate market/ Demand strong for semiconductor devices/ Demand/supply balance likely to tighten immediately (Oct/17/2017)
Ishikawa Electric/ To start full-scale operation of electric copper wire business/ To double capacity for supplying stranded wires (Oct/16/2017)
Ferrous/nonferrous sector/ Excellence in Corporate Disclosure/ Sumitomo Metal Mining ranks 1st for 7th straight year (Oct/16/2017)
Global supply/demand balance of zinc in Jan-Aug/ Short supply of 287 thou tons (Oct/13/2017)
Commission on Promoting Mining Policy/ Adopts Petition for Mining Policy/ Requests relevant ministries to enhance tax system (Oct/13/2017)
Mino Industry, aluminum die-casting mfr/ To start operation of Mexican base next spring/ To obtain approvals, enhance equipment (Oct/12/2017)
Kobe Steel's quality data falsifications/ Ldg can mfrs, "No problem with their own products" (Oct/12/2017)
US ITC/ AD against Jpn titanium sponge/ Completes investigation with judgement of "Not guilty"/ Jpn mfrs, "welcome decision" (Oct/11/2017)
Kobe Steel/ Falsifies qualities of aluminum, copper products/ Organizationally falsified data, delivered to 200 firms (Oct/11/2017)

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