Japan Metal Daily

Japan Metal Daily Membership Rules

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Purpose
These Membership Rules aim to stipulate the matters pertaining to the requirements and procedures for the use of the Japan Metal Daily service (hereinafter referred to as "the service") provided by TEKKO SHIMBUN CORP. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") to observe the related law and enforcement order thereof.

Article 2 Effectiveness and Change of These Rules
1. These Membership Rules shall become effective upon the consent of the user in the process of the membership application.
2. The Company may change these Membership Rules within the range that will not violate the law regarding regulation of the Membership Rules, the electronic signature law, the information use promotion law, the personal information protection law, and the consumer protection law. In the event of any changes, such changes will be officially announced together with the existing Membership Rules on the initial screen giving the enforcement day, reason for the revision, and a clarification of the revised contents.
3. Membership rules revised under Paragraph 2 shall become effective as stipulated in Paragraph (1).
4. In the event a member disagrees with the changed membership rules, such member may discontinue use of the service and terminate the agreement. Provided, however, that should the member continue to use the service, such member shall be deemed to have agreed with these Membership Rules.

Article 3 Governing Rules Other than Membership Rules
In the event related laws or ordinances stipulate provisions that are not clearly described in these Membership Rules, such provisions shall govern.

Chapter 2 Member Application and Service Use

Article 1 Establishment of Service Use Agreement
1. The Use Agreement shall be established when the Company has approved an application made by a membership applicant, and such person has agreed to the Membership Rules.
2. The Company will accept membership applications according to the separately provided method and shall approve admission after completing the necessary examination, procedure, etc.
3. After the Company's approval of admission in response to the application by a user, the Company will provide the member with a member ID and other information required by the Company.
4. The Company may not approve the application for membership when the applicant falls under any of the following as a result of the examination.
(1) In the event a membership applicant does not exist;
(2) In the event of the discovery of any false statement, misstatement, or omission in any declaration at the time of the application for membership; and
(3) In the event of a problem in the execution of the Company's business and technology.

Chapter 3 Service and Restrictions
Article 1 Service and Restrictions
1. Unless there is a special problem with the Company's business or technology, the service will be available 24 hours a day, in principle.
2. The service hours in the preceding paragraph may be restricted for system inspections and maintenance required by the Company, subject to prior notice to the members.

Chapter 4 Obligations
Article 1 Obligations of the Company
1. The Company has an obligation to provide continuous, stable service under these Membership Rules.
2. Regarding the opinions submitted by members through the specified procedure, the Company will process such opinions after completing the appropriate procedure and will notify members of the reasons and processing dates when a certain period of time is required for such processing.
3. The Company will not use members' personal information for any purposes other than the provision of the service and will neither disclose nor provide such information to a third party, except in the following cases:
(1) When sending members email consisting of advertising or publicity for business partners of the Company.
(2) When sending email requesting the consent of members regarding the use of personal information; and
(3) In addition to the above, when the consent of members has been obtained.

Article 2 Obligations of Members
1. In the event personal information is lost, such as a self-set password, the member shall immediately inform the Company of such effect and shall obey the Company's direction.
2. Unless otherwise separately specified by the Company, the member shall not permit a third party to access the service using the member's ID, password, and personal authentication, and members shall neither share the rights with a third party nor grant such use to a third party. In the event of unauthorized use of a member's ID, said member shall notify the Company of such fact.
3. The member shall undertake full responsibility for use of the service and all the acts and results from the use of the service. The member shall be prohibited from forwarding to a third party any information provided through the service, except for the processed part of supplied information.
4. The member shall be prohibited from using the service for any business activity, for any profit-generating purpose, or for business preparatory purpose.

Chapter 5 Termination and Restrictions on the Use of the Service
Article 1 Service Use and Restrictions
1. When terminating use of the service, the member shall notify the Company of such intention according to the specified method. Provided, however, that the Company will not refund any usage fees or other payments already received.
2. Suspension of ID, etc by the Company
When coming under any of the following, the Company may suspend the use of an ID granted to the applicable member without obtaining the approval of such member.
(1) In the event of a failure in contact by phone, fax, email, etc;
(2) In the event mail sent to the member is returned to the Company; and
(3) In addition to the above, when great urgency is noted by the Company.

Supplementary Provisions
These Membership Rules shall be effective as of July 1, 2005.

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